The Pro-Serve slogan, Positive impact today … for tomorrow, reinforces our commitment to create meaningful, tangible and enduring value for our clients, partners, in the communities where we operate and for our country.

Our brand character is permeated by our strong passion to build. Building in this context is not limited to what we do as a construction business, but extends to contributing to building individual dreams, communities and our country.

Our Citizenship story reflects the main building blocks of the impact of our work beyond construction: contributing to build individual dreams, communities and our country.

Our Citizenship commitments and pillars

  • Impact on individuals – we are committed to the development of skills among previously disadvantaged individuals by offering training and internship programs including those who may not get immediate employment with us.
  • Impact on the communities – we are committed to address the unemployment problem by creating job opportunities for people in the communities in which we operate.
  • Impact on our country – we are a significant contributor to B-BBEE.