Service Offering

Key competences

Infrastructure Projects
We have demonstrated competence in the construction and project management of key infrastructure development projects for government, government institutions and state owned enterprises. Our expertise in delivering infrastructure development projects is diverse in the services we offer as well as the industries that we deliver to. We deliver key infrastructure development projects in the following industries for our various clients: transport, public services Property and infrastructure development.

Healthcare Competences
We have extensive experience in the construction, renovation and alteration of clinics and hospitals.

Education Competences
We are involved in the construction and refurbishment of a number of schools across South Africa on behalf of
various clients and institutions.

Heritage Sites Competences
We have experience in the construction and upgrades of Heritage Sites including the Alexandra Heritage Centre
(Nelson Mandela Museum in Alexandra).

Human Settlements
We are currently working with various municipalities and their housing agencies to construct a number of human settlement projects.

Retail Facilities
We provide expert renovation, construction and facilities management services for various retail clients.